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Mason Lacrosse Spirt gear
Artist statement

For my third project worked with a client. My client was Mr. Hubbard; he wanted me to design a logo for the guys lacrosse sprit gear. So I came up with some sketches and it took a long time for me to get what he wanted because he liked one thing I liked another. But finally we came together and figured out what he wanted finally. And all the colors, font, and any little details he wanted.
I didn’t want this to be boring and I wanted to it to standout from any other of there designs that they have had in the past. Mr. Hubbard wanted it to at least have our Mason “M” in it, so I added that plus our schools new comet that we used for the football helmets. I took the M and made a back drop on it so it looks like your looking at the M from a side view.
Some frustrations I had with this was with the lacrosse net. I wanted it to look like real netting. Not just something plane. So want I did was take a picture of a lacrosse head and I traced it with my pen tool, I made some shadows on the bottom of the lacrosse head to make it stand out a little bit more. But that was really the only thing that I really had trouble with.
What I really enjoyed everything about this project. I liked how it came out. And my client and I communicated very well with each other. We didn’t really didn’t have any problems with the design. We both like the color scheme of the new logo. And I am very proud knowing what I design is going to be used for the men’s lacrosse team. I hope they enjoy this for there sprit gear this year.
I have extended my knowledge with this new project by be able to make drop shadow. It really helped me a lot because before I learned how to do it I was taking the long way. I used to use the pen tool, outline the shape and just move it so it looked like one. But once I figured out how to do it, it was a lot easier. So helped me a whole lot.

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Motion Vector

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Motion Vector

Motion Vector
Orginal Photos
For my project I chose to do a motion vector of my self pitching. I really wanted to do this project because I thought it would be really cool to make my self pitching in that kind of motion. I chose to do these certain photos because I thought they brought out the most motion of them all, I didn’t want to have some boring pictures of me I wanted some that would show some emotion of my self.
Some of the ideas I put in this project is to make it so all the picture were in order from beginning to end, and not have just an baseball field in that background. I chose to have my best photo stand out than the others. The reason why I did that is because I thought it really captured the motion. If you look at my face, arm, and how my body motion is, it shows you how much force I put in to a pitch.
The parts I am proud are how all of my pictures came out. I really thought it was going to be a lot harder to vector, and to make it look like the pictures. But it really wasn’t that hard. I just took it one step at a time. And I am also proud of how much time I put in to this project. I really did work hard on this piece.
Some of the frustrations that came along was defiantly the background. I just couldn’t figure out anything that could go along with my photos. I tried many different colors, designs, shapes nothing really worked out the way I wanted it to. And another thing that gave me problems was cutting out each photo from Photoshop to Illustrator.
This was my first time using the new Illustrator and I thought it was pretty cool. I use the skin tones a lot for this, because in resent projects I was never able to find a good enough color that look good. So that helped a lot. And I did mess around with the different strokes in this program. So I thought this version is a little bit better than the other one.

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saxon vector illustration
My first project was a vector illustration of a Saxon fighting a Lion. My idea for the lion is that I wanted the mane to look like it was moving. So I gave it the effect that it is moving my adding the different colors of yellows and dark browns. Then I have some of them over lapping each other so it gives it a better effect. Then I made the mouth open so it looks like it’s about to attack the Saxon. I had some frustration along the way with the lion because I couldn’t get his body to look like an arm. And I had some trouble on the top of the mane to make look spiked. But I was very proud of the colors of the mane and how is look over all.

The Saxon, I wanted his armor to look like it was real. So what I did you make it from the side view, and add all the little cuts to it. And add some shading under his arm. I also added some cuts into his arms so he has some muscle to him. I put some highlights to his hair so it looks like he has layers underneath. I think the hardest thing about drawing him was his face and his arms. Because I had difficulties making it not look real. And I wanted it to look like a cartoon kind of but not everything. But the easy thing was making is armor, and I am proud of that. And for the back around I chose to do an art deco kind of look with the rays coming from the back around.

I used some new techniques to create what I wanted to. Like making my back around. And I tried using some different colors, so I could stand out even more. And use the transparencies, shades, and other tools to help me design what I wanted to make.


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